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Chunky and Super Chunky Yarns

It's easy to see why the trend for super-sized knits made with chunky wool yarn has taken off! Whether you're an experienced knitter or a beginner, it's fun creating sumptuously soft blankets, shawls, sweaters and cosy accessories with chunky and super chunky yarns. Chunky yarns are knitted or crocheted on large needles: You can see your project growing very quickly, and thanks to the large stitches, any mistakes are simple to correct. Misti Alpaca Chunky (pictured above) is one of our best-loved chunky yarns. Spun from sustainably sourced baby alpaca fleece, this chunky alpaca wool is a delight to knit for beginners and experienced knitters alike. Or for even more voluminous cardigans and wraps, discover chunky Merino wool. Rico Design Fashion Mohair Merino Chunky is a fluffy mohair-Merino blend with a beautiful halo effect. Warm, soft and stylish: Chunky wool yarn has it all!

Garments knit in Rico Design Fashion Mohair Merino Chunky 

What is chunky yarn?

Yarn weight refers to the yarn's thickness rather than the skein's actual weight. Chunky yarn is heavier, i.e. the yarn is thicker, than Aran, worsted or double knitting (DK). Super chunky or 12-ply yarn is even heavier. You'll sometimes see chunky and super chunky yarns described as "bulky" yarns in US patterns. This can be confusing, so if you're unsure, it's always advisable to knit a tension square (gauge swatch) before starting your project. 

Since these yarns are thicker than most, you'll need a few accessories to complete a chunky knitting project, such as a blunt-tipped darning needle for chunky wool. Our Clover Jumbo Darning Needle Set contains two large darning needles in a handy case so you can enjoy crafting anywhere.

What size knitting needles should you use for chunky and super chunky yarn?

You'll be using quite large needles - 5.50-8.00mm (US 9-11) - to knit with chunky and super chunky yarns. Thanks to their size, they'll feel relatively heavy, so it's essential to choose a type that feels comfortable in your hands.

Since they're so light, strong and quiet to use, many knitters prefer wooden knitting needles when working with bulky yarns. 

Bamboo DPNs, such as Clover bamboo double-pointed knitting needles, are also excellent for knitting heavier yarns. For larger chunky projects, interchangeable circular and circular knitting needles are less tiring to use because the weight of the knitting is distributed evenly rather than being gathered on a single needle.

What size crochet hook is good for chunky yarn?

Chunky and super chunky yarns are excellent for crocheting superbly cosy blankets, wraps, throws and cushion covers. You'll need crochet hooks in sizes 6.50-9.00mm, such as the HiyaHiya Aluminium Crochet Hook, which is available in a range of lovely colours.

The recommended sizes of crochet hook for super chunky yarn range from 9.00-15 mm. Take a look at the HiyaHiya Acrylic Crochet Hook in glitter acrylic. It comes in sizes 12mm or 15mm and is designed to make light work of crocheting larger projects.

Chunky yarn patterns

Whether a beginner or an expert knitter, there are lots of free chunky yarn patterns for you to try. Here are some good choices:

  • A good choice for a first project is La Petite Echarpe by Misti Alpaca, a soft, stylish scarf knitted in a gorgeous, self-striping Misti Alpaca chunky yarn.

La Petite Echarpe by Misti Alpaca knit in their Hand Paint Chunky

  • Another quick and easy free pattern from Misti Alpaca is the Hortensia cowl.
  • For intermediate knitters, the New Yoke vest in Misti Alpaca Hand-painted Chunky offers plenty of interest with stockinette stitch, rib stitch and cable patterns.

New Yoke vest knit in Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Chunky

  • Create a cosy atmosphere with home accessories knitted in super chunky yarns. Explore our collection of free Woolstok Jumbo patterns here.

Woolstok Jumbo yarn is ideal for making soft, squishy cushions and tactile bags. You'll also find a free pattern for a trendy cowl you can knit in one evening.

Chunky knitting yarn

From self-striping chunky yarns to soft and fluffy mohair-merino blends, there's a chunky yarn for every knitting project.

Filatura Di Crosa Cuzco is an exquisite "halo" yarn in pastel melange shades, fabulous for knitting elegant cardigans and shawls. Malabrigo Rasta is an ultra-soft Uruguayan yarn spun from Merino wool that knits up beautifully. It's the perfect choice for quick knit projects, such as hats, cowls and wraps; choose from an array of gorgeous "watercolour" tones to cheer up dull winter days. Snippet Cowl by Margaret Stauffacher knit in super chunky Malabrigo Rasta

Super chunky Merino wool 

Go for a bold look with garments and accessories knitted in super chunky Merino wool. Woolstok Jumbo is spun from the fleeces of Peruvian Highland sheep that graze on the slopes of the high Andes. Their wool is very long and thick to protect them from the extreme climate, so it makes extra-warm and cosy yarn. Super chunky Woolstok Jumbo is dyed in subtle natural shades, such as Arctic Cloud, so it's ideal for contemporary home accessories.

Chunky yarn for crochet

You can crochet with almost any chunky or super chunky yarn, such as heavenly soft Misti Alpaca Chunky, which is perfect for crocheting snuggly blankets, ponchos and accessories. When you crochet with chunky yarn, you'll love the speed at which your project grows. Chunky yarn emphasises the texture of the crochet stitches, showing off every curve and twist. These yarns look beautiful when they are crocheted in simple stitches and are also ideal for creating 3D effects with puff stitch and bobble stitch. It might seem counter-intuitive, but you can even use chunky yarn to crochet broomstick lace stitch! Lacy stitches are often crocheted in delicate wools but they also look fabulous crocheted in thicker yarns.

Rose Creek Basket crocheted in Blue Sky Fibers Jumbo Woolstok