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  • Cocoknits Accessory Roll
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    Cocoknits Accessory Roll


    Cocoknits Accessory Roll keeps yarn-kit bits and pieces secure and neatly organised. Made from sturdy washable paper, the Roll features a smart outer cover that wraps around four removable triangular envelope-style pouches held securely in place by snaps.

    Neat elasticated bands hold the Roll closed, which can also be customised with the three additional colours provided. Washing softens the material creating a worn look similar to leather. 

    Why you'll love this

    • Convenient at home or on the go, the Accessory Roll organises all the little essentials
    • Fill each section with notions and tools and take the whole roll, or simply unsnap one or two pouches for use on the go
    • Convenient size: Outer – 16.5cm / 6.5'' (L) x 6.3cm / 2.5'' (W) x  6.3cm / 2.5'' (D); Pouches – 14.5cm / 5.75'' (L) x 4.5cm / 1.75'' (W) x 2.5cm / 1'' (D)
    • Pre-assembled with ivory elasticated closures with three additional colours included 
    • Easy to clean and customise – remove elastic, machine wash on gentle in cool water. Squeeze and crumple while damp to encourage wrinkles and texture. Re-shape and allow to air dry

    Note: Contents featured in pockets are not included

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      • Cocoknits Assorted Nickel Stitch Markers-Knitter's Tools & Kits-Cocoknits-WOOLS OF NATIONS
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        These assorted nickel markers attach to the Knitter's Keep Kit or any magnet so that you can easily store and retrieve them. Use them to mark rounds, increases, decreases, and stitch patterns. 

        Included are 20 each of 3 sizes:

        • 20 large round stitch markers (fit US 15 / 10mm needles or smaller)
        • 20 small round stitch markers (fit US 9 / 5.5mm needles or smaller)
        • 20 opening stitch markers (fit US 11 / 8mm needles or smaller)
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      • Cocoknits Check Your Gauge Cloth
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        Cocoknits Check Your Gauge Cloth


        This thin cotton cloth is specially designed for the Cocoknit Knitter’s Blocking Kit. Use Check Your Gauge Cloth to make sure your knits are blocking to their desired measurements. The cloth is woven to 2.5cm / 1'' square gingham. The thread is pre-treated before the fabric is woven to prevent stretching, shrinking, or distortion.

        Lay the cloth under your knitted item to get straight edges and measurements. Count the squares horizontally and vertically to ensure correct measurements of your project. Protect knits while steaming by placing the cloth between hand-knits and steamer or iron.

        • Material: 100% cotton
        • Dimensions: 120cm x 120cm / 48" x 48"
        • Tested for colorfastness

        Note: Knitter's Blocking Kit is sold separately

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      • Cocoknits Colored Opening Stitch Markers-Knitter's Tools & Kits-Cocoknits-WOOLS OF NATIONS
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        These colourful opening stitch markers make it easy to mark rounds, increases, decreases and stitch patterns. The steel markers can be added or moved by placing them on the needle, hook or directly on stitches. 

        Why you'll love this

        • The steel markers attach to your Knitter's Keep Kit or any magnet making them easy to store and retrieve 
        • The markers can accommodate up to US 11/ 8mm needle 
        • The pack has 10 each of 6 colours
        • Includes a pot for storage
        • The markers are painted, not nylon coated, in order to keep them delicate and prevent them from leaving ladders in knitting (with extended use the paint may begin to wear off giving them a rustic look, but enough paint should remain to distinguish each colour)
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      • Cocoknits Colored Ring Stitch Markers-Knitter's Tools & Kits-Cocoknits-4.5mm/US 7-WOOLS OF NATIONS
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        Cocoknits' brightly coloured ring stitch-markers are made from tough nylon-coated steel and are available in two sizes – Small for up to US 7 / 4.5mm needles and Large for up to US 13 / 9mm needles. Each pack contains 60 markers.

        Why you'll love this

        • Bright colours are easy to see when marking rounds, decreases and stitch patterns
        • The markers attach to the Knitter's Keep Kit for easy storage and retrieval
        • Comes in a smart and secure high-quality cardboard container
        • Each box contains 10 each of 6 colours


        • Small stitch markers accommodate up to US 7 / 4.5mm needle
        • Large stitch markers accommodate up to US 13 / 9mm needle 
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      • Cocoknits Curved Cable Needles
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        Cocoknits Curved Cable Needles


        Cocoknits' sleek and small cable needles slide easily through knitting and cabling, holding stitches conveniently to the front or back of the work. They are made from hard-wearing nickel-plated steel, ideal for clinging to the Maker's Keep.

        Why you'll love this

        • Each pack contains two needles
        • Convenient to keep and store
        • High-quality and does not snag
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        • Cocoknits Knitter's Blocking Kit-Knitter's Tools & Kits-Cocoknits-WOOLS OF NATIONS
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          Cocoknits Knitter's Blocking Kit


          Each Knitter's Blocking Kit contains:

          • 18 interlocking, fiber-topped EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam tiles, each measures circa 30cm × 30cm 
          • 40 stainless steel T-pins
          • 122cm square cotton cloth woven with 2.50cm (1") squares to help measure your finished piece
          • A sturdy jute bag to contain the kit

          Special qualitities of the Knitter's Blocking Kit:

          • fabric covering gently grips your knitting without pilling or leaving fibers
          • can be assembled in a variety of sizes from a square for sweater pieces, a long rectangle for scarves or a triangle for shawls
          • waterproof for use on any surface since moisture won’t seep through
          • holds pins firmly in place
          • blocked items dry faster than with towels because the tiles don't absorb water
          • heat resistant: essential for steam blocking
          • compact: blocks are stored in a sturdy 35cm x 35cm bag
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        • Cocoknits Knitter's Keep Kit-Knitter's Tools & Kits-Cocoknits-Grey-WOOLS OF NATIONS
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          Cocoknits Knitter's Keep Kit


          Keep your knitting accessories close at hand with this specially designed Knitter's Keep Kit.

          A silicone slap bracelet fits any size wrist and displays a brushed steel-plated magnet. Nickel-plated accessories attach to the magnet to keep what you need where you need it most.

          KIT INCLUDES:

          • One silicone slap bracelet in orange, green, blue or grey
          • 10 large round stitch markers (accommodate US 15 / 10mm needles or smaller)
          • 10 small round stitch markers (accommodate US 9 / 5.5mm needles or smaller)
          • 10 opening stitch markers (accommodate US 11 / 8mm needles or smaller)
          • 2 cable needles (size US 1 / 2.5mm)
          • 2 curved-tip tapestry needles
          • One handy 100% cotton pouch to keep everything together in your knitting bag
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        • Cocoknits Knitting Row Counter-Knitter's Tools & Kits-Cocoknits-WOOLS OF NATIONS
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          Cocoknits Knitting Row Counter


          The Cocoknits Row Counter has a steel back so you can attach the row counter to a silicone bracelet from the Knitter's Keep Kit if you wish. 

          This specially designed row counter has windows that magnify the numbers so you can clearly see which row you are on.

          The row counter is constructed of high-quality, translucent polycarbonate for a clean, modern look.  It is packaged in a kraft cylinder and includes a small cotton bag for storage.

          To count your rows:

          • depress the top button to advance the numbers
          • reset the numbers by turning the side wheels
          • move the switch at the bottom to lock the row counter
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        • Cocoknits Leather Cord And Needle Stitch Holder Kit
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          Each Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit contains:

          • 2 interior-threaded needles made of nickel plated steel                                                                Three lengths of leather cord:
          • Long Cord holds sts of sweater body – 150 cm / 59" 
          • 2 Short Cords holds sts of sleeves – 75 cm / 29.5"
          • 1 reusable kraft drawer, lined with 100% wool felt

          When knitting top-down, seamless sweaters, there comes a point when you need to take your sleeve stitches off onto a holder. Safety-pin type stitch holders don’t work for this. Scrap yarn works, but tends to slip up into the stitches, making the job of getting each stitch back onto a needle laborious. You can leave them on a spare circular needle or cord – but it’s challenging to have needles and cord hanging everywhere. 

          A leather cord, on the contrary, has the flexibility of yarn but is firm enough to keep the stitches from disappearing up into themselves. The interior-threaded needle means you can knit onto and off of the cord – like a leather circular needle. The needles screw onto, and off of, the leather cord.

          Use the Stitch Holder Kit in lieu of scrap yarn whenever you need to hold live stitches. The threaded needles allow you to knit off of your leather cord.

          Keep the contents of your kit in the reusable kraft drawer, lined with 100% wool felt.

          How to use the Leather Cord and Needle Stitch Holder Kit 


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        • Cocoknits Natural Mesh Bag
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          Cocoknits Natural Mesh Bag


          Cocoknits Natural Mesh Bag neatly holds yarn while knitting or crocheting. The lightweight bag is also ideal for carrying projects on the go

          Why you'll love this

          • Comes with a specifically positioned snap fastener at the top to easily open the bag and feed yarn through 
          • The bag is flat-bottomed and stays upright 
          • It is made from all-natural paper mesh and is lightweight yet extremely sturdy 
          • There are no zippers to snag projects 
          • Can accommodate one large or 2-3 small balls or yarn cakes
          • The side snaps fasten to keep yarn central or to either side when knitting with multiple strands 


          • Dimensions, unsnapped: 15cm / 6" width × 15cm / 6" height × 15cm / 6" depth
          • Care: safe to machine-wash and air-dry
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            • Cocoknits Project Portfolio
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              Cocoknits Project Portfolio


              Cocoknits' Project Portfolio is the stylish way to organise and carry knitting patterns, project books, yarn magazines, creative journals and notebooks, tablet/iPad, loose-leaf papers, mobile phone... everything needed for a creative life on the move.

              The durable Project Portfolio is made from washable kraft-paper fabric, closed securely with flat elastic. There are also four lengths of elastic secures on the spine, which hold up to four magazines, books or journals. Three interior pockets store devices, papers, writing equipment and spare wires for circular needles.

              In addition to the standard elastic closure and interior secures, the Portfolio also comes with elastic bands in three additional colours.

              Washing the Portfolio will soften the material creating a worn-look similar to leather.

              Why you'll love this

              • Neatly stores loose papers and patterns in a smart convenient way
              • Large enough to fit most pattern books – 30.5cm / 12'' (H) x 23cm / 9'' (W) x 2cm / 0.75'' (D) 
              • Pre-assembled with ivory elastic inside spine and outer closure, with three additional elastic colours included
              • Smart storage slots: inside front cover – horizontal for patterns, papers, brochures; inside back cover – vertical for iPad/tablet, any papers; inside back cover – horizontal for phone, pens, pencils, other small items 
              • Easy to clean and customise – remove the elastic, machine wash on gentle in cool water. Squeeze and crumple while damp to encourage wrinkles and texture. Re-shape and allow to air dry

              Note: contents featured in images are not included

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                • Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers
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                  Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers


                  Cocoknits foam Stitch Stoppers slide all the way onto needles (not just the tip) to hold stitches. They can also be used to transform any double-pointed or circular needle into a stitch holder.

                  Why you'll love this

                  • The Stitch Stoppers are ideal for use with circular needles or interchangeable needle cords to keep stitches secure while trying on  garments in progress
                  • Made from recyclable EVA foam that does not damage needles 
                  • Accommodates needle 2–10 mm (US size 0-15) 
                  • Each pack contains 4 each of 6 sizes (24 pieces in total)
                  • Available in multicoloured Brights
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                  • Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet Journal
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                    The Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet is an integral part of the Cocoknits Method – a system for knitting seamless, tailored, top-down sweaters. 

                    The Sweater Worksheet Journal contains 24 blank worksheets and doubles up as a diary of the sweater-knitting process. All information – from date begun and finished, yarns used, gauge, pattern source – can be recorded in its pages for future reference.

                    Why you'll love this:

                    • Makes knitting sweaters using the colour-coded Cocoknits Method carefree, with little counting required
                    • Allows knitters to shape the yoke of any seamless, yoked sweater pattern easily, without referring to written-out instructions
                    • Can be used with any seamless, yoked sweater pattern even if the pattern is not from Cocoknits
                    • Can be used as a journal to record details of each sweater knitted, for future reference
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                      • Cocoknits Sweater Workshop
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                        Cocoknits Sweater Workshop


                        With more than 30 years' experience knitting, designing and teaching, Julie Weisenberger - founder of Cocoknits - presents her first book: Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, which includes nine new designs.

                        The book expands on simple, seamless, top-down styling as well as explaining the Cocoknits Method – a system of tracking knitting progress in customised worksheets. 

                        You will love this book for its

                        • Easy-to-follow method 
                        • Tailored style creates beautiful garments that offer a great fit 
                        • In-depth expert advice
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                        • Cocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers
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                          Cocoknits Triangle Stitch Markers


                          Triangle Stitch Markers are designed with an angled shape to stand out from your knitting. They slide easily along your needle, and the bold black & white colors are visible against any yarn color.

                          Each set of markers comes in an adorable logo-stamped steel tin with hinged lid - includes 6 of each size and color (36 total) and accommodates needle sizes up to US6/4mm, US9/5.5mm, and US11/8mm.  

                          Tin and markers all cling to the Cocoknits Maker’s Keep or any magnet. The tin is sized to fit on Knitter’s Keep Kit. Throw in a few of your other Cocoknits markers for a perfect on-the-go knitting travel container!

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