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ChiaoGoo Swatch/Needle Gauge - WOOLS OF NATIONS

ChiaoGoo Swatch/Needle Gauge

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This indispensable for any knitter or crocheter ChiaoGoo Swatch/Needle Gauge measures 14 x 14 cm (5.5 x 5.5'') and has all useful information in one spot.

Around its edge, the gauge has a series of perforations with which one can easily figure out what size a mysterious set of needles might be, in both metric and USA sizes.

On one side a conversion chart for knitting needles is shown, and- on the other side- a conversion chart for crochet hooks. Both of these list metric, USA, and UK/Canada sizing.

Finally, there's a handy key to yarn weights, including the recommended usual needle/hook sizes, and a rough guide to a normal gauge

Made in the USA