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Stylish Succulents To Crochet by Sarah Abbondio - WOOLS OF NATIONS

Stylish Succulents To Crochet by Sarah Abbondio

Search Press
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If you love to crochet and decorate your home with lovely projects, this is the book for you! Make 15 different crocheted succulents that can decorate your windowsill, table, shelf or anywhere else in your home. These delightful amigurumi plants are inspired by real succulent species, and there are both small and large projects. All you need is some yarn, a hook and some pots! With a short techniques section to get you started, you can make a whole display in no time.

Great to make as gifts for friends and family.

Stylish Succulents To Crochet by Sarah Abbondio contains the patterns for 15 colourful cacti and other potted plants, such as Echeveria, Kalanchoe orgyalis, Escobaria abdita, Sansevieria cylindrica and more

Format Hardcover | 48 pages
Dimensions 1.52 cms H x 18.29 cms L x 18.29 cms W
| 270g
Publication date 8 December 2020
Publisher Search Press
Language English
ISBN: 1782219013
 EAN: 9781782219019