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6000+ Pullover Possibilities: Interchangeable Options for Custom Knitted Sweaters by Melissa Leapman - WOOLS OF NATIONS

6000+ Pullover Possibilities: Interchangeable Options for Custom Knitted Sweaters by Melissa Leapman

Sixth & Spring Books
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How often have you seen a sweater that was almost perfect - if only it had a slightly different silhouette, collar, or trim? Renowned designer Melissa Leapman shows how to make it so, by modifying a basic pullover sweater pattern to create every possible neckline, sleeve, and body option, in yarn weights from Super Fine to Bulky and from sizes XS to 4XL. The result: more than 6000 interchangeable combinations to fit every preference and size - the most ever in one book!

From saddle shoulder long sleeves to raglan bell sleeves, scoop necks to Henley plackets, or straight silhouettes to empire waistlines, knitters will be delighted to have so many design possibilities available in one book. Edge treatments, pocket options, and finishing instructions are also included for the most personalizable approach to sweater making ever published.

Never before has there been such a comprehensive sweater pattern book on the market. Step-by-step instructions, easy-to-read charts, and brightly-coloured individual sample pieces are all efficiently combined for an easy-to-follow guide to giving any knitted pullover pattern a personal touch

About the author of this book
Melissa Leapman is one of the most widely published sweater designers in the world, whose patterns have appeared in every major knitting publication, including Vogue(R) Knitting and Knit Simple. She has worked as a freelance designer for many leading ready-to-wear manufacturers, noted design houses, and major yarn companies. In addition, her knitting, crochet, and design workshops are extremely popular with crafters at all skill levels. She lives in New York, NY

Format Paperback | 264 pages
Dimensions 2.54 cms H x 25.15 cms L x 21.59 cms W | 910g
Publication date 05 Feb 2019
Publisher Sixth & Spring Books
Language English
ISBN: 164021030X EAN: 9781640210301