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Baby Cocktails Patterns Baby Cocktails Chartreuse

Baby Cocktails Chartreuse

Baby Cocktails
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The lines of these cables are rhythmic and bold, and the idea here was all about emphasizing that. They are classic, but not exactly. And the geometry inside them is just asymmetric enough to keep them interesting.

I’ve been playing with construction and am in love with Elizabeth Zimmermann’s methods, so this design features a version of her bottom up seamless construction with a saddle shoulder and a shirt back. Again, it’s basic but not exactly.

Chartreuse features bold cables, a cosy length, pockets, and a shawl collar. Plus to make it as woofy as possible, it’s knit in Plucky’s Scholar yarn - a gorgeous cashmere-merino worsted weight tweed - for the perfect balance of rustic and luxurious. Soft, round and satisfying.