ChiaoGoo TWIST Blue Shorties Set - 5cm+8cm Tips

ChiaoGoo TWIST Blue Shorties Set - 5cm+8cm Tips

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ChiaoGoo TWIST Blue Shorties Set of interchangeable knitting needles contains 5 pairs of 5cm-long and 5 pairs of 8cm-long interchangeable knitting needle tips size 3.50mm - 5.00mm. 

These interchangeable knitting needles are made of durable, surgical grade stainless steel and have securely fastening, memory-free cables. 

Each set contains the following items supplied in a practical pocket-sized pouch:

  • 5 pairs of 5cm-long solid needle tips size 3.50mm - 5.00mm
  • 5 pairs of 8cm-long hollow needles tips size 3.50mm - 5.00mm
  • 3 x S-sized X-Flex (blue) cables (13cm, 15cm and 20cm long)
  • end stoppers
  • tightening keys
  • cable connectors
  • round stitch markers
  • tip sleeve

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