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Tulip Cable For CarryC Long ''Fine Gauge'' - WOOLS OF NATIONS

Tulip Cable For CarryC Long ''Fine Gauge''

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Tulip Cable For CarryC Long ''Fine Gauge'' is a new addition of Tulip to their collection of CarryC Long interchangeable knitting needles. 

CarryC Long ''Fine Gauge'' is recommended for knitting socks, gloves, accessories, Shetland lace, Kunst lace, and other pieces in fine yarn.

Please Note: This CarryC Long ''Fine Gauge'' Cable may only be used together with Tulip CarryC Long ''Fine Gauge'' Interchangeable Bamboo Knitting Needles.

Other characteristics of Tulip CarryC Long Interchangeable Knitting Needles: 

  • Rotary cable join prevents twisting fo the cable
  • Exceptionally smooth cable needle join
  • As a rubber ring is applied to the join, needles will not loosen while knitting
  • Easy to attach without the use of any tools

The cable is available in lengths ranging from 50-100cm. Each pack contains 1 cable