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Tulip Needle 6pc Gift Set - WOOLS OF NATIONS

Tulip Needle 6pc Gift Set

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Tulip Hiroshima needles and pins are produced in Hiroshima, Japan where needle-making has long been one of its major industries. These high-quality needles are a blend of traditional techniques that have been handed down through generations and modern cutting-edge technology, resulting in the perfect needle. They pierce fabric smoothly and are beautifully flexible.

Each delightfully boxed gift set contains 6 sets of the most popular Tulip Hiroshima needles. These needles are of exceptional quality, flexible and warp-resistant and designed to run smoothly through the fabric, making them perfect as a gift for Makers and textile lovers everywhere.

Each gift set box contains

-1 pack of Sewing Needles Sharp Tip, size #9
-1 pack of Milliners Needles Straw Assorted, of the superior polished finish, thin sizes #8, #9, #10
-1 pack of Quilting Needles Between, of the superior polished finish, size #10
-1 pack of Appliqué Needles Big Eye, of the superior polished finish, size #10 
-1 pack of Embroidery Needles Assorted Sharp Tip, thin sizes #7, #8, #9, #10
-1 pack of Patchwork pins