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Ysolda Patterns Ysolda Lumineux

Ysolda Lumineux

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Top-down socks with shapely contrast colour toes and heels. The afterthought heels are innovatively shaped with 4 sets of decreases, to cup the base of the heel like a traditional heel turn. Stitches are increased while placing stitches on hold for the heel so that there are enough stitches on the sole to wrap around the instep. These are then decreased as for a traditional gusset. Step by step photos are provided for removing the holding yarn and setting up the heel to ensure a neat, hole-free result.

Directions are given for the asymmetric toes shown, as well as a traditional symmetrical toe. Lumineux features a simple but impactful textured pattern that’s almost as easy to work as ribbing and which doesn’t fight with speckled yarns. The toes and heel work equally well on a vanilla sock, so directions are included for working the whole sock in stockinette.

Sock yarn in two colours.

MC: The Nexus Ribbon, CC: Henrietta Swan Leavitt

270[305, 345]yds / 245[280, 315]m of MC

70[80, 95]yds / 65[75, 85]m of CC