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Ysolda Mitchell - WOOLS OF NATIONS

Ysolda Mitchell

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The classic baseball tee gets a fresh update in this lightweight all-season sweater. Mitchell is worked in pieces and seamed together before stitches are picked up for the neckband which is worked in the round. This construction is the most logical option for the contrast colour sleeves and has the bonus of making the compound raglan shaping, which is worked differently at back and front, easier to keep track of. 

Edges are neatly finished with fold-over hems and the bottom is gently shaped with short rows for a shirt-tail hem effect. The front is worked straight to the underarm for a breezy fit but the back has a little shaping so that it curves at the waist and is narrower than the front at the bust. Three-quarter length sleeves, which look great pushed up to the elbow, feature one of those wonderful lace patterns that looks much more complicated than it really is. The directions for the lace pattern are provided in a clear chart that makes it easy to maintain the pattern while working shaping