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Ysolda Patterns Ysolda Strokkur

Ysolda Strokkur

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Strokkur was inspired by traditional Icelandic Lopapeysas: cosy sweaters with colourful yoke patterns. First made for a trip to Iceland a few years ago, the original has travelled with me ever since. Knit in Icelandic wool it’s been my ‘go-to’ garment for chilly, damp days. Another trip to Iceland, and the fact that the original sweater was looking rather well-loved, meant it was time to make a replacement. This time I actually took notes, so now you can knit one of your own.

Strokkur features a more refined fit than many traditional yoked sweaters. It is worked from the bottom up with gentle waist shaping. The yoke patterning is fairly short; to flatteringly frame the face and avoid bagginess around the underarm. Short rows are worked both above and below the stranded colourwork to create a scooped neckline